Graphic & Experience Design
Phantom Limbs
   MFA Thesis, Installation

Frank Stella: Had Gadya
   Exhibit Design

Soleri’s Vision
  Book Design, Installation
The Power in Our Songs
   Book Design, Installation
   Generative Design



Generative design, user interface

Bloom is an infographic experience for The Huntington Gardens, located in Pasadena, California. It appears on their website and showcases its unique gardens and plants. Post-pandemic, prestigious cultural institutions have started implementing fun interactive experiences to engage viewers outside of the locations themselves.

I love drawing by hand. One of my major goals when designing this project was to combine traditional analog methods with code-based, generative design. I used watercolor pencil to render the plants from 3 different gardens: Herb Garden, Desert Garden, and California Garden.

The illustrations are imported into Processing as inputs, forming the names of the gardens. The visitors can observe the plants’ growth. They can use the arrow keys to visit different virtual gardens and use their mouse to rotate and pan to observe from different angles.

This video speaks to the overall goals and process of creating this project.