Graphic & Experience Design
Phantom Limbs
   MFA Thesis, Installation

Frank Stella: Had Gadya
   Exhibit Design

Soleri’s Vision
  Book Design, Installation
The Power in Our Songs
   Book Design, Installation
   Generative Design



Frank Stella: Had Gadya at the Skirball Cultural Center
Lead Designer: Debi van Zyl
Working directly with Skirball’s Museum Director Sheri Bernstein, Philadelphia-based curator Ivy Weingram, and lead designer Debi van Zyl, I was responsible for reinterpreting two graphics styles into an important interactive portion of the Frank Stella exhibit. The interactive helps museum visitors understand the abstract artwork In the gallery.

Taking inspiration from the work of Frank Stella and El Lissitzky that are on display, as well as the traditional Hebrew Passover song Had Gadya, I created original artwork for a set of 30 shapes for visitors to interact with that relate to the exhibition. The concept is to let the visitors choose their own shapes to create their own Had Gadya story. My unique Illustrative style and technique elevated the project. I worked closely with the exhibition team to fine tune my drawings Into hand-held shapes that museum visitors can use to craft their own understanding of the Had Gadya song.

I hand-drew and translated these shapes Into digital files and produced files for their final fabrication. Visitors engage with these interactive shapes and gain a unique understanding of the exhibition.