Graphic & Experience Design
Phantom Limbs
   MFA Thesis, Installation

Frank Stella: Had Gadya
   Exhibit Design

Soleri’s Vision
  Book Design, Installation
The Power in Our Songs
   Book Design, Installation
   Generative Design



  Book design, identity, creative coding

Designed for young folk music lovers, The Power in Our Songs is a hypothetical book and installation designed to consolidate, celebrate, and honor the legacy of the Newport Folk Festival, one of the earliest music festivals in the United States in Newport, RI. It has played a significant role in shaping American music history, yet there has not been a comprehensive work that documents it. This book narrates the history and the lineups from inception to the present day, the different genres of folk music, and the musicians who played significant roles in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement.

 The handwritten typeface represents the analog quality and warmth of the lyrics. The orange and blue duotone image treatment represents the nautical setting of the festival.

In recent years, music festivals have started including interactive art installations. I designed a series of dynamic lyrics installations that respond to live music playing on stage.

Using p5.js, the dynamic lyrics form the portrait of the performers respond to the rhythm and amplitude of the music. The main challenge and accomplishment here was how to use code to create an analog look that goes well with the festival. The materiality and physicality of the installations allow the projections to interact with the nautical wind, light, and the human body.

The same design language is used in different festival merchandise, creating a sense of warm and fostering the feeling of “folk family”. 

A series of throw blankets in the style of collage represents the layers of memories that the festival embodies. The playfulness, nostalgia, and warmth goes hand in hand with the festival. 

This poster is designed to be a double-sided insert included in the book. The front side features the lineups of the festival from its inception in 1959 to the present day. The back side features a minimalistic design of the festival’s information. The structure of the lineup is inspired by the shapes of vinyl records and tree rings. Since the festival happens during the summer right by the ocean, the use of blue and orange is meant to represent the setting.