Graphic & Experience Design
Phantom Limbs
   MFA Thesis, Installation

Frank Stella: Had Gadya
   Exhibit Design

Soleri’s Vision
  Book Design, Installation
The Power in Our Songs
   Book Design, Installation
   Generative Design



Album packaging, installation

How does one translate 2D graphics into a 3D experience? What is the story or experience of this event? Ultimately, how do I present such an experience from an audience's perspective?

Modern Guilt: The Experience is a hypothetical, immersive album launch event for the promotion of Beck’s album, Modern Guilt. Designed to accommodate a small group of audience, visitors can immerse themselves in the geodesic dome structure, surrounded by projections that directly respond to the live performance in real time. 

My challenge was to translate the two-dimensional album cover and poster designs into a three-dimensional experience.

The interior graphics will respond to the live performance’s amplitude, rhythm, etc. in real time. This is what it looks like from a seated audience’s perspective.

Track 3: Chemtrails
Using MadMapper’s built-in function, the projected video (created with After Effects) is manipulated by the amplitude of the song.

Track 4: Modern Guilt
I used TouchOSC to prototype the sequence of how the visuals will show up. It is similar to using a music production launch pad.